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Ferruccio Laviani's 'good Vibrations' Furniture Looks Like A Digital Illusion (photos)

(Like we needed another reason to visit the city...) For an inside scoop of what the designer has to say about his work, head over to DeZeen's feature on the same piece . If you're interested in other wild furniture pieces, you'll have a field day with the photos we've compiled in the slideshow below. Loading Slideshow This takes reading chair to a whole new meaning. Concrete Chair You'd think this would be uncomfortable, but this dude doesn't seem to mind. Antique Chair This chair was found in Ekebergrestauranten, a restaurant in Norway.

Feel-good furniture

Photograph by: Julie Oliver , Ottawa Citizen A chair with a sense of humour? That pretty much describes the Post Chair by Ottawa-based furniture designer Peter Wehrspann. One glance at its cheekily retro fabric - old Canada Post mail sacks - and you can't help grinning. Making you feel good, not just physically, but emotionally, is key to Wehrspann's design philosophy. "As people, as consumers, we have needs, like sitting down," says the woodworker and metal artist who also works as a wood technologist and instructor at Carleton University.

Five Ways to Create Good Flow in Your Interior Design

When you think of sandalwood, it's unlikely that food is the first thing that springs to mind. But this tree, most commonly known for its use in furniture or as a fragrance for perfume and incense, actually produces an edible nut, which an enterprising couple from Western Australia is now farming. Connie and Marty Winch-Buist have been selling the nuts whole or as dukkah for around a year under their label WA Sandalwood Nuts. "They have a really unique flavour, says Connie. Some people say they taste like almond, or more like hazelnut.

Secrets of sandalwood - furniture and meja kursi tamu murah good eating too

This also helps direct the flow of the room, as seating and other furniture can be arranged around this point, simplifying the decorating process, and allowing ease of movement. Clear entryways Tidy up your home, beginning with the front door, in! Creating a smooth and clear entryway translates into good energy flow throughout your interior. A principle of Feng Shui, it creates a precedence of serenity from the moment you walk into your house, clearing the mind and allowing you to take a moment to pause and relax when you enter your home. When an entryway is clear it peacefully moves you into the rest of your home and encourages clean, clutter-free spaces throughout the resulting rooms.

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