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Maintaining Wicker Furniture

Rinse the wicker with clear water afterward. Mildewed cushions should be laundered or dry-cleaned. Airing them frequently in plenty of sunlight also helps to prevent mildew. To restore luster to dull wicker coated with clear finish, apply furniture polish or lemon oil. Minor scratches can be disguised by rubbing them with an appropriately colored wax stick made for repairing furniture.

Pillows and cushions are ways to add a decorative touch to wicker furniture while protecting it from the rays of the sun. Design Furnishings advises consumers to have an alternative set to use while cleaning the other set of pillows and cushions. Keeping wicker furniture clean jual kursi tamu can extend its life and refresh its appearance. Cleaning wicker furniture can be as simple as using a soft brush with warm water and gentle soap. Lemon oil is another way to boost the lifespan of wicker furniture and leave it smelling fresh.


By MICHAEL VARESE WICKER furniture has been with us for centuries, and the term ''wicker'' has come to mean woven work in a variety of materials, either natural or manmade. Rattan, willow, fiber, rush, cane, twisted paper and dried grasses are all known as wicker. Rattan furniture was first made in the East Indies, where it was popular for good reason. Labor was cheap and there was a great abundance of the material, which came in great lengths so construction was not weakened by too many joints. Further, it was light and sturdy, although often attacked by termites, and the open weave made it a cool surface for sitting or lying. Somerset Maugham immortalized the scene of the rubber planter on the rattan lounge with its specially constructed pocket in the arm for the ''Sundowner'' drink.

Indonesia`s rattan furniture exports increase in 2013

Loosen the dirt then use a vacuum cleaner with a dust attachment to suck up the dust on chairs, sofas and tables. Getting rid of the obvious grime reduces the time it takes to completely clean the furniture. Remove the cushions and launder them or bring them to the dry cleaner if they have signs of mildew or staining. Mix a gallon of water and 2 tablespoons of liquid soap in a bucket.

Cleaning and Storing Wicker Furniture for Autumn in NYC

"Exports of rattan furniture surged 82 percent to 1,200 containers so far this year from only 700 containers in the same period last year," Sunoto said. He expressed hope that exports to new markets would contribute significantly to the increase in the 2014 exports. AMKRI`s new market targets include Latin American countries, India, China and African countries. Europe, Japan and the United States have been the traditional markets for the country`s rattan furniture products.

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